An augmented perspective

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What is the fourth Industrial Revolution?

The term fourth Industrial Revolution has morphed into somewhat of a buzzword since it became a focal point of conversation at the recent World Economic Forum held in January, with Executive Chairman, Klaus Schwab, saying it might even lead us to contest the very idea of what means to be human.

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Preparing for the economic challenges ahead

With the world economy becoming increasingly complex and interwoven, those trying to understand it are faced with the classic ‘needle in a haystack’ scenario – amid an endless stockpile of data, they have to find a clue as to where global business is headed.

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Detecting crises before they happen

Trucking companies routinely try to anticipate and avoid disruptions by, for example, monitoring changes in the weather and shifting traffic patterns. But as supply chains have become exposed to a wider array of risks, this ability to detect disruptive events has taken on much more importance for companies generally.

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Introducing VECTO

If the European Commission’s environmental policy team is right, VECTO is about to become the ultimate buzzword in commercial road transport. Short for Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool, VECTO is at the heart of what could become an EU-wide certification system for CO2 output – with the potential to go global.

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The recipe for success

With many a transport company still on the path to recovery from the fallout of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2007, finding strategies to gain a competitive advantage over the masses has become of critical importance in the transport community, according to a recent report from McKinsey. As an inescapable reality of the transport and logistics industry is the requirement for ongoing – and often substantial – investments into equipment and assets to keep afloat, it says a clear plan is necessary to turn the considerable outlay into profit.

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Food Foolish

Hunger, food security, climate emissions and water shortages are anything but foolish topics, yet the way we systematically waste food in the face of these challenges is one of humankind’s unintended but most foolish practices.

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